Particular Terms of Use of "Basirly" mobile application:

These Terms of Use shall govern your use of the "Basirly" mobile application, or any other services relating to this mobile application owned by "TeleCloud" LLC. or under its control (referred to collectively as "Basirly" mobile application - TeleCloud LLC), having its main office in Beirut,
The Terms of Use consist of the terms and conditions found below in addition to the conditions described in the Particular conditions (according to time time adjustments ). Kindly make sure to regularly keep track of any changes by visiting the legal notice on a regular basis.

1. Fees: You are responsible for paying any costs or special fees of download or use of any of your "Basirly" mobile application belonging to TeleCloud LLC, which includes any operating network or roaming charges or credit card charges or app store charges. Kindly check with your service provider for more details.
2. Third-party’s applications and services or sites: A Company may allow you to link and connect to be able to use the functions contained in the services of outer parties or the applications or sites that are not owned or managed by the Company (which are referred to collectively as ("applications of third parties")). And any applications belonging to outer parties shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the outer provider of service. TeleCloud LLC shall not control and shall no longer be responsible for any problems related to transactions with third parties, or for any content belonging to an outer party, or for capital themes, applications, services or sites, advertisements, links or particular terms and / or any type of practices with outer parties, which are made accessible through TeleCloud LLC. It is your responsibility to review the particular terms and conditions of use of services and use of third-party’s sites you have visited before you downloaded or used any of the third parties’ applications.
3. Language: The content is available also in Arabic and some of it may not be available in another language.
4. Reverse Engineering: You have agreed not to ungroup or decompile or undertake reverse engineering, or attempt to access the "Codes" of issuers of any TeleCloud LLC applications. You have also agreed not to copy any part of the applications belonging to TeleCloud LLC, especially the “Basirly” mobile application or trade, lease, loan, sell, publish, license or sublicense, distribute or determine said applications, or transfer any part of it to any third parties.
5. “TeleCloud LLC” reserves its right to anonymously track or report statistical services providers of outer parties on your private use of their applications.
6. Protect your personal information: We would like to help you take all necessary steps to protect your privacy and your information. For that, kindly read the privacy conditions of TeleCloud LLC so that you fully understand the company's policy of keeping your personal information that is collected to us throughout the applications of the Company dealing with "Basirly" mobile application with the needed precautions that we take in order to protect such information.
7. We may, without incurring any liability towards you, amend these Terms of Use without prior notice at any time. Your continued use of any of the applications of “TeleCloud LLC” after making changes to the Terms of Use shall mean that you agree to these amendments. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use and abide by them, we will not allow you to use any of the applications of “TeleCloud LLC” or download or use any of their own programs. Then you will bear alone the full responsibility for the use of “TeleCloud LLC” applications. You will be provided with the applications of the Company as they are and according to their availability. We will not offer any guarantees, and will not bear any responsibility for the availability or suitability of the time or safety or reliability, or quality of any of the Company's applications, software, or related applications, or other products or services or information we have obtained through the applications of “TeleCloud LLC”, and will not bear any responsibility for the deletion or failure to store or transmit any content or any other information that may be obtained or transmitted through “TeleCloud LLC” applications, and we will not bear responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information or instructions transmitted through “TeleCloud LLC” applications, especially "Basirly" mobile application.
8. We may, at any time, reduce or terminate your use of “TeleCloud LLC” applications as per our discretion. To the extent legally permitted, and we will not bear responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind or in any other way. In all circumstances our liability towards you shall not exceed the actual amount you have paid (if any) for any of the applications of “TeleCloud LLC” and the related programs.
9. You must , at all times , acknowledge that we possess all the rights, titles and special applications belonging to “TeleCloud LLC” especially the "Basirly" mobile appplication and the related programs. This software is a registered trademark of “TeleCloud LLC” You must also acknowledge that you will not alter, destroy, withhold or remove any of the alerts relating to copying or ownership rights or to the trademarks contained with their applications.
10. According to the maximum allowed by the consumer’s right laws (as applicable), these Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Republic of Lebanon, regardless of the difference in the legal provisions. You must also agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Lebanese courts.

Particular conditions:

1. The "Basirly" mobile application was created for entertainment and leisure purposes due to the intense desire of consumers' to have their fortunes read by communicating with the experts and specialists in this field. We provide this service to consumers in order to tell them what they should expect in terms of fortune through palmistry, cup of coffee or the face reading with the astronomical expectations through special cards in addition to the interpretation of dreams.
2. “TeleCloud LLC” is not responsible for the trueness of the readings or expectations, or even interpretations of dreams, and the user of this application irrevocably waives from the right for any claim against the Company or the specialist in charge of the reading, the expectations or the interpretations of dreams failing achievement of such readings and interpretations. In all circumstances, said user waives from any right to question the Company and the service provider on anything of any kind and in any regard relating to this service, except for the case of failure of service providing, despite the payment of the relevant fees.
3. The user has the right to choose the service provider through the company and shall be solely responsible for this choice since the name of the service provider contained in this program is mentioned only in view of program commercialization and not to encourage the service provider himself or in order to rely upon him in these expectations and or type of readings listed above or in the interpretation of dreams.
4. The company will supply the user with upgrades, updates, modifications and promotions that occur on the program and their relevant prices, if any.
5. The Parties acknowledge that this program, like any computer program, is one of the products that are not free of errors or defects usually appearing during playback. It is also vulnerable to viruses, then the emergence of errors or failure inside of it will no longer be in violation of this Agreement.
6. The license to use the application will begin from the day of its downloading and shall remain in force until the termination of this Agreement for one of the reasons referred to in the same Agreement.
7. User must acknowledge that program's copyright and all property rights relating there to whatever kind of nature are the property of “TeleCloud LLC”. The user undertakes to inform said Company immediately upon becoming aware of any unauthorized use of this program or any part of it by any other party under penalty of imposing compensation for the damage caused as a result of intellectual property infringement by a third party, which shall be at user's expense.
8. The user undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information contained in the program and documents belonging to him and which might come up to his knowledge by any means subject to compensation for any damages or losses that may result . The Company and the service provider are also committed to maintain the confidentiality of personal information related to the user, which has already been given, or which resulted from the provision of service to him. The feature of secrecy shall no longer apply to the information referred to as confidential when it becomes available to all the public without the fault of one of the parties or if the party was forced to disclose them by force of the law or in order to provide the service.
9. Each party also undertakes to immediately inform the other party of any breach of the confidentiality of the foregoing provisions, by anyone to whom such information were disclosed in the context of his work, while undertaking to provide all possible assistance to the injured party in any legal proceedings taken by said party against persons infringing the confidentiality provisions.
10. The obligations of confidentiality mentioned above shall remain in force and effective until later termination of this Agreement.
11. This Agreement shall be governed in the issues not expressly provided for by the provisions of the Lebanese Act of Obligations and Contracts and other applicable provisions that govern this kind of agreements.
12. In the event of any dispute between the two parties on the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement, this conflict shall be resolved by a Commission composed of three members so that each party shall appoint an arbitrator and both arbitrators appointed by the parties shall appoint the third arbitrator. The Commission shall seek to issue its decision within a maximum term of six months, renewable only once. Then the arbitration proceedings stipulated in the Lebanese Act of Civil Procedure shall apply to issuing a final sentence at the majority, which shall be binding and not subject to appeal by any method of regular appeal, while the losing party shall bear the costs of the arbitration.